Molehill Cotton Rope Basket- what should you do with yours?!

Now that we've roped you in (I know...too much...too far).

Check out the photos below for inspiration on how to enjoy your new Molehill Cotton Rope basket!

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1. keep it up high in a cupboard to keep out of the way of kiddies!

2. Organize your beautiful scarves- Marie Kondo style ;)

3. Organize your baby changing station - nappies, fresh onesies, muslins as bellow, etc.

4. Keep creative projects organized- one per basket (this is a jumper I've been knitting for literally years...if I could just get organized!)

5. Have a basket for hair bands, clips, bobbins, and ribbons (my mum used to make a big deal of me getting our hair accessory box and letting me choose what she'd put in my hair- spoiled!) (I wish someone still did my hair- as relaxing as a spa...and cheaper!)

6. Belts- so I have three baskets in each of my wardrobe drawers, so I'd pop underwear in one, socks in another, and bras in the last (and a nice smelly candle in each one- delicious!)

7. Facecloths a la Marie Kondo of course- I love the feeling of a hot fresh face cloth after cleansing the day off my face...a little self-care treat and a great eco-friendly choice, instead of cotton wool.

The uses are endless- I often use them to clean up after everyone in the house, whenever I'm tidying the sitting room or hallway, I pick one basket per person's things, throw them all in and then put them in their bedrooms- to be sorted by them and returned :)

With care,


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