MinceMeat - a sweet dessert, that makes an even SWEETER homemade Christmas gift

I know it’s a bit early for anything Christmas related, BUT, let’s face it, it’s a much nicer C word than the one we’re all dealing with at the moment. Am I right?

I’ve been chatting to friends and family and we’re all highlighting the fact that things are going to be a good deal tighter, financially, this year than last. However, from challenges, comes creativity.

As we love making homemade gifts in Molehill, we’d like to inspire that creativity in all of you this year! 

Mincemeat, you might think can’t be made as a gift- au contraire! 

This mincemeat recipe is so loved by all our friends and family, that we make extra batches in October for them and give/send it to them at Christmas. Like a good wine, the longer you leave that mincemeat aging in a well sealed jar...the more rich and round the flavour- you’ll be a bit rounder after eating all the mouth watering mince pies too...but feck it- we REALLY deserve the Christmas Treats this year.

Prep time- over two days.

First day- prep all ingredients in a bowl, except the brandy and leave overnight to smoulder. Pour yourself a big glass of wine- that was hard work!

Second day- you’ll be cooking it and then stirring in the brandy that day. Sure pour yourself a glass of that too!


1lb (450g) Cooking Apples- cored and diced (do not remove skin)

120z (350g) Raisins

8oz (225g) Sultanas

8oz (225g) Currants

8oz (225g) Mixed candied peel

120z (350g) Soft light brown sugar

Grated zest and juice of two oranges and two lemons

2oz (50g) slivered almonds (chop up smaller or leave larger, depending on your preference)

4 tsps mixed ground spice

½ tsp ground cinnamon

½ tsp grated nutmeg (go for a whole fresh one if you have it!)

8oz (225g) Butter Grated

6 Tablespoons of Brandy


1. Chuck everything EXCEPT THE BRANDY in a large bowl.

2. Mix well
3. Cover with two clean tea towels and leave to ruminate overnight

1. Heat the oven Gas Mark 1-2, 120 degrees celsius, 110 degrees celsius if fan-assisted

2. Transfer the mincemeat into an ovenproof dish, cover with tin foil

3. Cook in the pre-heated oven for 3 hours

4. Remove from the oven and make sure to stir the mixture every 20 minutes until it is fully cooled. Why? To ensure the butter covers all the fruit evenly. 

5. When completely cooled stir in the brandy

6. Divide into jars- seal them well and decorate them even better!!! 

7. Store in a cool, dark place, for up to a year in these jars- if you can keep your mitts off it!

Go ahead and do it! Don't forget to leave your comment below!


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