“Nesting” Is it forced this year as we’re stuck in lockdown? Or is it still a pleasure?

Do you feel a bit like this?

It feels sort of frivolous and silly to be allowing the decoration of my baby’s nursery (correction: baby corner in our bedroom) to take up any of my headspace. 
There’s plenty to be worried about and plenty of work to be done before maternity leave. However, perhaps that’s a reason FOR nesting and planning, rather than against.

Worry is useless
Work will happen and likely continue to drain the last bits of energy out of me.
So, really, in a year when everything is bleak, perhaps the Nesting that mothers of all animals experience is even more crucial than ever.
It gives you a sense of control (albeit over just a 1 metre squared dominion) in a period in life where nothing appears within our control. 

So. With the guilt of being frivolous now dealt with, let’s press onto the important matter of decorations.

Most parents will have baby in their room for the first 6 months and then even if they have space for a whole nursery, many are renting. As such, the option of a total revamp - painting etc- is not possible. 
So that leaves decorating the walls- which leads us to the glorious world of beautifully framed photos, posters and quotes. And sure,who doesn’t love a good quote?

There are lots of beautiful, sweet posters and quotes available both on and offline. They’re loving and sentimental. Which is great. 

However, we here at Molehill want to make you smile and laugh- especially at 3am when all you want to do is cry and fall into a big heap on the floor and have a (well deserved) meltdown. 

So we have created a selection of fun and witty (You’ll be the judge of that of course!) quotes and posters, of high quality and finish, with beautiful designs, to adorn the walls of your baby’s humble abode.

For, if ever there was a need for a hearty laugh and eye-roll at sarcasm, it has to be during child rearing in a pandemic!

Available in A4 and A3 and delivered straight to your door, for 9.99 and up- because a smile shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. 

Here’s a few to get the comedy taste buds tingling...enjoy!

Oh and if you want to see clearer images and more details- hop over to the Molehill Musings Section of our Shop 


Nursery Poster framed funny beautiful interior design

Nursery Poster framed funny beautiful interior design

Nursery Poster framed funny beautiful interior design

Nursery Poster framed funny beautiful interior design


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