'Comet' The Snowman Tea Cosy
'Comet' The Snowman Tea Cosy
'Comet' The Snowman Tea Cosy
'Comet' The Snowman Tea Cosy
'Comet' The Snowman Tea Cosy
'Comet' The Snowman Tea Cosy
'Comet' The Snowman Tea Cosy

“A Timeless Christmas Keepsake that will be cherished for years”

The snowman tea cosy is always looking forward to family and friends gathering during the festive season to share a moment over a hot pot of tea.

Feel all your troubles melt away as your snowman tea cosy serves you hot tea. He’ll make sure to help clean up after with his little tea cloth and always has a delicious gingerbread cookie to offer you and your guests. 

When you’re not in need of your tea cosy simply hang him on the wall as a beautiful christmas decoration- he is the most helpful snowman; both practical and decorative.”

How will my gift arrive?

>Your snowman tea cosy will arrive gift wrapped in a presentation box that can be used to store him after christmas (if you can bear to put him away!)

>He will be stuffed with teabags to surprise and delight the recipient AND because we hate waste here at Molehill- even stuffing should have a purpose!

>Please tell us in the special instructions box which teabags you’d prefer - Barry’s or Lyon’s.

>A personalised Gift card- again please write in the special instructions box any little note you’d like written to the recipient

>A small tag will be pinned to the Snowman telling his new owner who he is and what he is for

Product details:

  • Fully padded
  • Cotton lined
  • Ribbon hook on back for hanging on walls to decorate
  • Your Snowman wears a fully lined jacket (we don’t want him getting too cold), a cotton scarf and carries a miniature tea cloth and a gingerbread man cookie. He wears his heart on his breast- because where there is tea, there is love.


  • Height: 29cm 
  • Width: 31cm
  • Depth: 21cm

A 36oz tea pot will fit very comfortably inside this large tea cosy.

Teapot size reference:
Standard teapot sizes:

A 24 oz teapot (4 cup) will pour 4 normal teacups or 2 large mugs. A 36 oz teapot (6 cup) will pour 6 normal teacups or 3 large mugs. A 48 oz teapot (8 cup) will pour 8 normal teacups or 4 large mugs.

'Comet' The Snowman Tea Cosy

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